Sanjay Industrial Corporation is the manufacturer of "SICO" brand Auto Parts for two and three wheelers. The Company was incorporated in the year 1975, to cater to the Indian and International two and three wheeler market.


We therefore proudly claim to be the leading producers of the Auto Parts in International Quality Standard. "SICO" manufacturing Auto Parts for over 200 types of Mopeds, Scooters, Motor Cycles & Three Wheelers Vehicles. We are also equipped with Modern equipments. We know how to produce Auto Parts to suit special applications or as per customer's drawings or samples.


We have modern manufacturing facilities with WMW (German), CINCINNATI (American), BDA (Czechoslovakia), ALFA (Italy), JONES SHIPMAN (England) and other foreign machines supported by the latest Internationally accepted Technology. Our plant is run by Technically qualified and highly experienced engineers.


"SICO" products are tested to high levels of precision with some of the best available testing equipment. All "SICO" Connecting Rods undergo lapping operation and they full fill all International Quality Standards.


We have facility of standard room, laboratory, heat treatment and lapping plant. We work in one standard and make 100% checking. We work in standard of 0.003 m.m We have surface lapping plant so we can work in Ra 0.04 u.m.


We are manufacturing Valves, Valve Guide, Cam Shafts, Connecting Rod, Crank Pin, Rocker Arm, Con. Rod Big end Needle Cage Bearing, Con. Rod Small end Needle Cage Bearing, Flange, Cross, Steering Ball Racer, Hub Pin, Slider Black Set, Rear Front Wheel Axel.